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Living in Stittsville, you have a natural paradise right outside of your door – winter, spring, summer, and fall. When you live in Stittsville Walk’s new townhomes and carriage homes, having the healthy, active life you’ve always wanted has never been easier. Let’s explore what makes Stittsville the perfect community for active people:

Trails and Green Space

 The Trans Canada Trail snakes through the heart of Stittsville, and is flanked by a substantial park system complete with paths that wind through residential areas. The Crossingbridge, Alexander Grove, Poole Creek, and Bell parks are some of the largest in the area, but there are dozens in total featuring different paths, trail links, and facilities.

The bracing breezes, lush natural surroundings, and lack of noise from the hustle and bustle of city life make Stittsville a wonderful place to hit the trails. Bicycling is also extremely popular along segments of the Trans Canada Trail. Walking, jogging, urban poling, rollerblading – you’ve found your paradise.

Recreational Facilities

Stittsville is home to several community centres, arenas, and recreation complexes. Dotted throughout the area and spread in all directions near green spaces, you’ll find Goulbourn Recreation Complex (featuring hockey, swimming, and fitness programs), Stittsville Dog Park, Stittsville & District Community Centre, and Johnny Leroux (Stittsville) Arena. For a more leisurely and laid-back alternative — literally — visit the heart of the community to find Yogatown Stittsville. More intensive facilities are available such as Landmark Crossfit and Allegro Danceworks are also available.

Amberwood Village Golf & Country Club

If you’re in the need for a way to stay active and social at the same time, look no further than the Amberwood Village Golf & Country Club. Situated a short drive from the heart of Stittsville, this expansive course of nine holes also boasts a restaurant, lounge, and plenty of leisure activities including an outdoor pool and tennis courts. It’s an ideal daytrip, and a fantastic way to stay fit and interact with the locals. Each hole features a water hazard, and in general it can be a challenging course. Playing from two different tee boxes for the front and back nine can extend the game to an impressive 18 holes. Social clubs and games for all ages are held regularly as well, making this a fun hangout for children and adults. Getting the kids out of the house has never been more enticing.

Winter Activities

When the powder builds up and the temperatures drop, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are great ways of working off those pesky winter pounds. With Stittsville’s thick forestry harmonizing with many open spaces throughout the community, these are great ways to stay active and make the most of the season and become immersed in natural beauty. Exploring Stittsville Cedar Grove along the Trans Canada Trail is a great experience, and you’ll often find many visitors to the area.

There are countless ways to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in Stittsville. Being closer to nature and further away from high-rises and city noise makes for a more immersive, intimate experience that attracts visitors to the area all year round. Be sure to visit the Stittsville Village Association website to check out upcoming events.

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