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Right-Sizing: Finding Home Sweet Home at Last


In today’s market of homes of all shapes and sizes, it may be difficult to find a property that isn’t too much or underwhelming, but just right. With this Goldilocks Effect in mind, finding the perfect home for you can be less of a challenge. By examining your needs and desires, moving to a home better suited to your ideal living arrangement will be easier to achieve than ever before.


New Homes Ottawa: A Question of Space

First, consider your current living arrangement and take the time to question whether the amount of space available to you meets your needs. Do you feel as if you’re sleeping in a closet or dining in a massive, empty room? Use the layout and size of your current home to determine what dimensions are best for you, measuring each room and comparing them to those of homes currently on the market. This will help determine which available homes you’ll feel more comfortable in.


Stittsville Homes: Convenience and Suitability

Are any of the homes on the market located in proximity to services or businesses that you normally rely on, such as a library, grocery store, shops, and your place of employment? Also, are any of them situated in an area suitable for the needs of your household such as near parks, playgrounds, schools, medical centres, or public transportation? If so, and they are ideally sized for your needs, then be sure to include them on your narrowed list of suitable homes worth examining.


New Homes for Sale: Property Age and Energy Efficiency

If an available home meets your needs and preferred dimensions, it is then important to consider the amount of work that may or may not have to be put into it to make it a comfortable and worthwhile investment. Chances are that if you opt for a decades-old property with a warped roof and outdated heating and cooling systems, it will end up costing a great deal more, in the long run, to bring it up to modern standards and better meet your household needs. If a property is recently built or brand new and boasts energy efficient fixtures and relatively new appliances for a competitive price, however, then it very well may be worth looking at. Always consider how much work and extra money you’ll need to put into each property you have in mind, and it could prove easier than ever to narrow the list of ideal homes even further.


Many people have the common misconception that moving involves making sacrifices or downsizing. However, if you find a home that is simply better suited to your household living requirements, is more conveniently located, and requires less work to maintain a comfortable standard of living, then the proper term really is “right-sizing.” Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, Stittsville Walk’s collection of new townhomes and carriage homes is bound to fit just right. Visit our Sales Centre and Decorated Model today!

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